From nothing, something comes.

Many hands, many eyes, many thoughts and emotions feed into the conception and construction of a beautiful building or room. Its purpose is built into its very bones. It welcomes us in, emboldens or calms us, instils us with peace or energy. We linger there for hours a day. It as much a part of us, as we are a part of it.

Studio Hako is a design and build construction company specialising in modern commercial and residential projects. Our fully comprehensive service includes all phases of construction, from the initial conversation to drawing, and conceptual design through to project completion.

Founded by Joel Culley, he interprets every client’s unique aesthetic with a passion for detail, high quality materials, method and finish. Raised on a family tradition of furniture and cabinet making, with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Joel’s mindful approach to design is both inclusive and composed. Each project is developed with careful consideration to the client’s needs and desires, whilst drawing from contemporary building techniques, construction materials and ingenuity of modern interior design.

Buildings and design are ultimately human orientated. Not just in purpose, but in their very creation. From comprehensive consultations with clients to liaising with expert craftsman, artisans and technicians, Studio Hako relishes the opportunity to fully connect with every person they meet to ensure the finished product is of excellence.

Studio Hako is based in East London, working across the UK and beyond.

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